Ori Group Visited Chinese Embassy in Saudi Arabia
2023-07-11 16:10

On the morning of March 7, Riyadh time, Mr Qian Feng, chairman of Ori Group, visited the Chinese Embassy in Saudi Arabia for in-depth communication with Mr Yin Lijun, Chargé d'Affaires of the Chinese Embassy in Saudi Arabia. The focus was on cultural exchanges and collaboration between China and Saudi Arabia.

Mr Qian Feng briefed Yin Lijun on the overall situation of Ori Group, covering current development and plans of content creation, international cooperation, education and cultural merchandise. The process of Hakim & Kong Xiaoxi II was also introduced. When talking about international cultural activities, Mr Qian Feng emphasized the preparations for the first China-Arab Animation Summit in detail.

The Chargé d'Affaires Yin Lijun warmly welcomed Mr Qian Feng and his entourage, praising Ori Group’s decade-long outstanding achievements in international cultural exchanges. Mr Yin expressed his support and great expectations for the Sino-Saudi co-production animation Hakim & Kong Xiaoxi II because the first season has been well-received in Saudi Arabia.

Then Mr Yin elaborated on Saudi Arabia’s cultural development to Mr Qian Feng and his entourage, emphasizing their commitment to foreign cultural exchange. He encouraged Ori Group to leverage this momentum to enhance cultural ties between China and Saudi Arabia, aiming for mutual benefits and win-win results. The Embassy pledged full support for the first China-Arab Animation Summit, viewing it as a significant stride in cultural exchanges between China and Saudi Arabia.

Ori Group, aspiring to “be the ambassador for cultural exchange and build a connection for cultural exchange”, is committed to becoming a participant, promoter and leader of cultural exchanges along the Belt and Road. Through win-win cooperation, Ori Group seeks to fortify the bonds between China, Saudi Arabia and countries along the Belt and Road to jointly create a brighter future for cooperation.