First China Office of Cultural Company in Arab Region Opens in Suzhou
2023-08-31 09:08

On August 31, the Pitch Conference: Digital Intelligence Sharing in Sino-Arab Cities for a Better City Future was held in Suzhou. The official announcement of Cinewaves Films Chinese Office was made by Zha Yindong, the deputy mayor of the city of Suzhou, and Saudi film industry pioneer Faisal Baltyuor, founder and CEO of CineWaves Films, in the presence of Chinese government representatives and cultural sectors. This marks the first time that a cultural company from the Arab region has set up an office in China, further facilitating China-Arab cultural industry cooperation and cross-regional cultural exchanges.


Mr. Feng Qian, Chairman of Ori Group, said that the China office of Saudi CineWaves Films is a significant milestone in the international cultural cooperation of the Saudi film industry. It will help promote the development of cultural and audiovisual industries in China and the Arab region. The office will conduct business in China in the areas of financing, co-production, distribution, and talent cultivation, as well as provide services to other cultural enterprises and organizations from the Arab regions. It aims to achieve international strategic expansion and create opportunities for the global promotion of Saudi films.


Mr. Baltyuor said that the establishment of an office in China, the world’s largest film market, is a continuous commitment to expanding the international influence of Saudi films and fostering global cultural exchanges. Setting up an office in China represents an important step for the Saudi and Arab film industries, which not only means a broader market and a larger potential audience but also a wider platform for communication and cooperation among filmmakers and artists. Through its cooperation with Ori Group, CineWaves Films will not only participate in the production of Chinese animated feature films but also encourage Chinese companies to consider Saudi Arabia for filming and promote the distribution of films in the Arab world.


Ori will continue to spare no effort to promote the strategy of “going global” in culture and actively carry out global cooperation with other countries. This will facilitate mutual learning and mutual benefit between different cultures, promote the development of cultural diversity, provide a more diverse and enriched array of animation works for global audiences, and make positive contributions to the development of the global cultural field.