Happy New Year 2020! World! Greetings from ORI
2020-01-15 16:05

At the sound of the tolling midnight bell, a brand new year begins. It’s the very beginning of 2020. The year 2019 has been a mixed platter for most of us, with whether amazing or sad movements. We wish a great new year to all our friends all over the world. Let's raise our hopes, to the promise it ushers in. May the new year bring you happiness and success.

Take a quick look on this year’s ORI GROUP, along the number of the Chinese box office 2019 is $9.23 billion USD with almost 70,000 screens in total. The industry will chronicle a Group of unprecedented staying power of development and expanding forces of creation. For the last year’s major plans part, ORI has enacted many plans on international cooperation including vigorously develop the international co-production, strengthening worldwide sales, and realizing the international network sharing. Based on the current global situation, ORI has launched into production model 3.0 era. 

For this upcoming new year, everybody and every project seems so vibrant and the progresses will be phenomenal. The Group plans to expand our business and cooperation to the next level as well as producing more accredited projects, ORI might find possibility and invest in other fields. More importantly, The 70th Berlin International Film Festival is coming, we will be the best of ourselves during the whole Festival. Certainly, ORI will make the best entrance in this year’s EFM and seek a cooperative style with more creative and effective partners. The year just begins, we will steadily head to the mutually beneficial relations with friends from across the world. 

Again, happy new year!