Event Introduction

The “Blooming Culture & Ancient Ingenuity—Suzhou Painting and Calligraphy Mounting and Ancient Book Restoration Techniques Itinerant Exhibition" was a series of public cultural and art events jointly organized by Suzhou Ori Culture Merchandise and Suzhou Museum. 

This event unfurled in three phases:

In the first phase, Introduction to Ancient Painting and Calligraphy Restoration acquainted participants with the history of Suzhou Mounting while experiencing its unique cultural charm. Yao Yao, Executive Vice President of the Suzhou Mounting Professional Committee of the Suzhou Arts and Crafts Association, introduced the history and heritage of Suzhou Mounting and ancient book restoration.

The second phase featured an immersive experience in Suzhou painting and calligraphy mounting. It included understanding mounting techniques, on-site explanations by mounting experts, and practical demonstrations. Attendees participated in hands-on experiences guided by experts, engaging in processes like sizing, mounting and brushing, thereby embracing the charm of intangible cultural heritage.

The third phase explored the charm of ancient bookbinding. Restoration experts briefly introduced ancient books and guided participants through steps such as paper rubbing, hole punching, book covering, trimming, and binding. This engagement allowed them to gain a hands-on understanding of craftsmanship.

The event aimed to instill a rich understanding of intangible heritage history, inherit Chinese culture, and raise public awareness of the protection and inheritance of intangible cultural heritage.