Event Introduction

The OSFF Suzhou · Youth Short Film Exhibition (ORISHORT FILM FESTIVAL) was a platform dedicated to discovering, cultivating, and supporting the growth of young filmmakers. Serving as a component of the Jiangnan Film Festival series, this event was initiated by Suzhou Ori Culture Group's “Youth Talents Excellence Training Program”. It encouraged contemporary youth to engage with social and era-related topics rooted in Chinese culture, accept both themselves and others, and express themselves as 21st-century talents through video art skills.

OSFF invited young short film creators from both China and abroad, affording them opportunities to participate in three units, i.e. narrative shorts, documentary shorts, and animated shorts. The competition was stratified to encompass middle school and university student groups. Through competitions, screenings, master classes, international talent forums, etc., OSFF helped outstanding student works onto global stages, promoting international cultural exchange and cooperation.

The OSFF Short Film Exhibition aimed to encourage more youth passionate about self-expression to engage in short film production and express their thoughts and emotions through art.

Award-winning Short Film Collections: