Event Introduction

On February 22, 2017, the premiere ceremony of Hakim & Kong Xiaoxi, jointly produced by Ori Animation and the Saudi Ministry of Culture and Information, was held at the Grand Cinemas of the Saudi National Radio and Television Institution.


Over 100 distinguished guests from China and Saudi Arabia attended this event, including Adil Tarif, Minister of Culture and Information of Saudi Arabia, Li Huaxin, Chinese Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, and Qian Feng, Chairman of Ori Animation. Ambassador Li Huanxin and Deputy Minister of Culture and Information of Saudi Arabis, Dullah Alhamari, delivered speeches at the premiere ceremony, congratulating the successful Saudi premiere of Hakim & Kong Xiaoxi and the fruitful results of this Saudi-Sino cultural cooperation.


The broadcast of Hakim & Kong Xiaoxi across the Arab region, along with the release of subsequent works, serves as a model for other excellent film and television cultural products from China, promoting more cultural exchanges and cooperation between China and countries along the Belt and Road.