Professional Investor, Film & TV Producer

Born in Suzhou, Mr. Qian started his investment in film & TV industry since 2006. The types of film & TV include live action in different genres, Animated feature films and Animated series. By the end of 2017, the investment in film & TV industry has run up to $75M USD.

The Creativity Philosophy of “Internationalization”

“Tell Chinese stories which can be understood by foreigners and tell foreign stories which can be accepted by Chinese”,  this is the creative philosophy that Mr. Qian sets for ORI’s creative team. Mr. Qian believes that making Chinese excellent works loved and respected by the world is the best demonstration of our cultural confidence.

The Working Philosophy of “Being An Industrialist”

“Do the cultural business with an attitude of industrialist”,--- From the opinion of Mr. Qian, to strengthen the Chinese cultural industry, a persistent spirit, a diligent working style and a steady development pace is necessary. Either when creating an excellent work or managing one, keep guard against arrogance and impetuosity, which is also the most important concept pillar of ORI in the past years.

The Cooperation Philosophy of “Treating people with Sincerity”

ORI has been established for more than 12 years and has received unanimous praise from our partners spreading across five continents, which is the best interpretation of Mr. Qian\'s philosophy of “Treating People with Sincerity”. “To achieve the cooperation, we must go all out” is Mr. Qian\'s tag, which is also demonstrated in each cooperation. In the future, captain Qian will lead ORI to keep moving forward and contribute to developing Chinese cultural industry, making excellent Chinese cultural projects become global ones.