Well-known key players at home and abroad carry out discussions on topics such as the cooperation of Chinese and foreign films,
    the international promotion of Chinese films,the foreign films promotion in China, and etc.
    Choose outstanding ideas at home and abroad and then pitched
    by well-known investors and producers so as to build a bridge of communication for both parties.
    Establish two screening units for Chinese and foreign films,
    invite distributors at home and abroad to join in,
    and build a bridge for distribution collaboration.
    Conference on international sales, acquisitions & co-production negotiation.
    Announce all the achievements of GIFF and organize projects cooperation signing ceremony.

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Financing Pitch 
| Business Registration

Requirements & Process

Entry types:

Original feature film script: PPT Presentation of the script with a time limitation of 5 to 8 minutes

Format requirement for entries:

Original feature film script: PPT for presentation and full script in PDF

Delivery requirement for entries:

Entry materials must be post in SD card to the address specified by the Organizer, or send to the official email address:

Mailing Address: Glori International Film Festival Organizing Committee, ORI Mansion, 299 Dong Ping Street, Suzhou 215123, China.

Registration method and deadline:

Please send an email to the official email address for registration:

Deadline for registration: July 31, 2018

Requirements & Process

Glori International Film Festival”welcomes open and diversified film & TV and media companies to participate in the event.

Exhibition registration:

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