Headquartered in Suzhou, founded in 2006, ORI starts from original animation production and keeps developing the international film & TV collaboration. ORI has become a leading player among domestic film & TV culture enterprises.

ORI Group aims to create an international cultural group that integrates contents of creation, production, distribution, education, merchandising, global industrial cooperation.

International Creative Perspective

ORI is committed to the development of film & TV projects with an international perspective, the exploitation of multicultural creation, aiming to create the works that can travel around the world.

High Standard Production Team

After more than a decade of journey, ORI has many experienced production teams in different aspects including live action, CGI animation, VFX,  hand-drawn animation etc. Adhering to high tech standards and high artistic pursuit are ORI's consistent requirements for production teams.

Professional and Rigorous Marketing Strategy

ORI has been known for its pragmatic behavior, professional market approach and rigorous development thinking since involving in this industry. Using the spirit of an industrialist to cultivate the cultural industry is the embodiment of the conscientious and responsible attitude of ORI.

Open and Win-win International Cooperation

ORI's global cooperation covers more than 100 countries. Keep upholding the open, friendly and cooperative attitude as well as a win-win collaboration principle,  ORI has more than 700 cooperation partners in the world and has set up an excellent image of Chinese enterprises in the world.

Concept of Cross-industry Integration Development

ORI is committed to integrating and developing with other industries to achieve the high value-added and spiritual influence of film & TV projects. At present, the cooperation between ORI and other industries like technical research and development, tourism, education has been launched, and the scope of which in the future will continue to expand.

ORI will stay true to our original mission and continue to march forward, to be the producer of high-quality content and to establish network of film & TV industry, to become a competitive and influential Chinese film & TV group in the world.